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Colored Water Beads — A Beautiful Way to Water Your Plants

orange water beadsWater Beads bring in beauty and performance to your floral and craft arrangements. They are made of a polymer that soaks up, stores, and releases water, which in turn can make them perfect for fresh-cut flowers and developing plants.

The beads start looking similar to glass decorative marbles (drops). Precisely how are they different? Water Beads are much lighter in weight than glass marbles. Furthermore, they can be used as an interesting soil alternative for growing plants, as well as a water supply for plants and fresh-cut flowers. Crystal soil is a perfect base for arranging fresh-cut flowers simply because our special liquid beads are soft, flexible and will not damage the stems throughout positioning. In addition, the beads are colorfast and have a fantastic, bright visual appeal (polymer has the light-collecting refractive quality of crystal).

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