What about neck coolers? Whenever the weather begins to get warmer, people begin to look for new and innovative ways to stay cool. One approach that is oftentimes overlooked is the use of neck coolers. These are incredibly useful devices that an individual can wrap around their neck. It helps create a sensation of coolness that lowers body temperatures and creates a more comfortable feeling for the person wearing it — regardless of how hot it might be outside. Neck coolers work because they are first soaked in water for a short period of time and then put in the refrigerator or freezer. Generally speaking, the head and neck are the parts of the body through which a majority of body heat can escape. This is why, as an example, many people will typically wear a warm hat during the colder months of the year. The rationale is that you are preserving more of your body heat as a result of wearing the hat. This makes a lot of sense and has been proven to be true through a series of scientific experiments over the years. Likewise, if the goal is to dramatically lower a person’s body temperature or to at least help regulate it and keep it from getting too hot, applying something that’s cold to the head and neck can really help lower a person’s body temperature. Given the fact that it’s not very practical for somebody who’s doing stuff outside to have something on their head that generates a cold sensation, neck coolers have become incredibly useful.