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Greener Water Beads

recycle logoThis post is part outrage, part guilt and part apology to the planet. For some time now we have been selling water beads in polystyrene and polyproylene test tubes. Literally thousands upon thousands of them. Why? Sure they look cool and all, but our carbon footprint has to be the size of the abominable snowman and that’s just what we’ve been guilty of; an abomination. Shockingly, some continue to use these tubes.

Our customers were impressed with the tidy little packaging in the slick little plastic tubes. Then they went home, hydrated their water beads and then threw the tubes into the garbage only to have them clutter our landfills in crystalline test tube heaps. It was fun while it lasted.

So, we at waterbeads.net are making the switch to a small recyclable ziplock baggie for our customers’ packaging needs. We have a green product in water beads and now we have as green a package as we can offer while still delivering a fresh and dry product.

As a note to our dealers: If you wish to continue using the test tube presentation, you can order them directly from: Polystyrene Test Tubes

A competing dealer has contacted our company with unproven claims of patent applications and insisted that we discontinue the use of the polystyrene packaging. Gladly! We make this switch not on their behalf, but rather for the good of all concerned; our dealers, our customers, our planet. We are not in the business of telling others how to behave. We can only set an example through our own actions.