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water beads for plants

Water Beads: A Revolution

multi colored water beadsWater beads are a revolutionary new and unique water conserving product for plants and cut flowers. The beads are being used in beautiful style by homeowners, interior designers and large companies alike.  These polymer gel balls change water into colorful shining beads, that resemble crystal balls in a clear glass container.

Simply put the small packet of beads into water. They will expand, and you pour off the excess water.  Put the remaining beads into a clear glass or plastic vase or bowl and insert your plant, fresh flowers or artificial flowers.  For added beauty many people add a submersible light to really make the crystal soil beads sparkle. This amazing new product combines environmental protection and beauty.

Water Beads come in nine colors to match your event theme and design ideas. They can be reused and washed and they’re non-toxic with no odor.

One small packet of 7 grams will produce about 500 grams of beads once they are hydrated.  Soak overnight to a ratio of one packet of beads to 50 parts water. You can add more water or pour out any extra water when the beads expand. They can also be used to water potted/garden plants and flowers. This product is non-polluting and will not fade. It is reusable as long as you add water to rehydrate them (approximately every 7-9 weeks). Of course, this product is not edible and should be kept away from small children.

Crystal soil can be used as a decoration for birthdays, baby/bridal showers, graduations, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, etc.water beads centerpiece

Additional uses: handicrafts and home decorations, growing plants on vertical structures, bare root treatment and storage, growing plants without soil, feed lot clean-up, water absorption from gasoline/diesel fuel tanks (this product will not absorb petroleum products; only the water), and dust abatement in construction and mining.

Don’t be confused by lower price and less quality.  There are three qualities of Water Beads.

  1.  Beads absorb water but do not leach it out. They remain rubbery and have no benefit to plants.
  2.  Beads absorb water and leach it out. They are not colorfast and dye the water to color it. When removed form water, they appear clear. The dyed water will stain counters, rugs, grout, tablecloths, ..etc.
  3.  Top quality beads are colorfast throughout. They readily absorb water and leach it out to plants.  They are non-toxic and reusable. Simply rehydrate when they begin to shrink.

On our site you can only buy the finest quality Water Beads available.  And you’ll be happy that you spent a few cents more for the genuine article.