Water Bead Dealership

It is easy to become a Water Beads Dealer with our all-inclusive Dealer Starter Kit.  At a cost of $379.00, the value is approximately $3000.00 These beads sell like crazy at flea markets, fairs, swap meets, …etc. The suggested retail price for a vial is $3.00.  They are so easy to carry away and, c’mon, it’s $3.00!

Wholesale Water Beads Dealer Kits

  wholesale water beads premier wholesale water beads standard wholesale water beads economy
Package Price $379 $289 $149
10 Colors Water Beads 1 lb each color 3/4 lb each color 1/2 lb each color
Packaging 1000 Zip Lock Bags 750 Zip Lock Bags 500 Zip Lock Bags
Free Water Bead Website Yes Yes Yes
Business Cards 500 500 500
24″x 48″ Banner 2 1 0
Table Tent Cards 12 10 4
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Don’t be confused by lower price and less quality.  There are three qualities of Water Beads.

  1.  Beads absorb water but do not leach it out. They remain rubbery and have no benefit to plants.
  2.  Beads absorb water and leach it out. They are not colorfast and dye the water to color it. When removed form water, they appear clear. The dyed water will stain counters, rugs, grout, tablecloths, ..etc.
  3.  Top quality beads are colorfast throughout. They readily absorb water and leach it out to plants.  They are non-toxic and reusable. Simply rehydrate when they begin to shrink.

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  • Barb Dowden says:

    We are looking for a wholesaler to buy pounds of loose water beads. We have been selling this item for a year now (next month), but just lost our supplier. Hope you can help, we just need the beads

  • Barb Dowden says:

    Thanks you

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